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The week of April 22nd began with a warm and sunny Sunday with highs reaching into the high 50's in most areas. The forecast for Monday calls for a sunny and pleasant day with highs in the low 60's. Cuds will move in on Tuesday but there will be some sun with highs in the mid-50's. The highs on Wednesday will also be in the mid-50's but there will be showers throughout the day. On Thursday it will again by cloudy with some sun and highs in low 50's. Friday will be warmer with more sun and highs reaching the mid 50's. On Saturday the temperatures will drop back into the low 50's with the possibility of showers. Despite warmer temperatures which have melted the snow at the lower elevations, there is still some snow reported on the peaks. Carrying snowshoes is a bother but they may be necessary when visiting higher elevations. On some trails microspikes or crampons may be needed as the freezing and melting creates ice flows which require more traction than snowshoes can provide. When the weather conditions are constantly changing, be sure you are dressed appropriately in clothing which will wick away moisture to prevent it from accumulating in your clothing which can bring about hypothermia. Layering should be with non-cotton materials as cotton tends to hold moisture. Keeping hydrated is important no matter the temperatures since hydrating properly will allow you to hike longer and in greater comfort. Be sure to carry plenty of water with you as local water sources can be unreliable and may be contaminated. Once you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! Remember, the weather forecast is only a prediction and always contains percentages. Be prepared and have a plan for the most likely and least likely forecast! Are you prepared to stay out overnight on a trail? Conditions in the morning can change drastically by afternoon. Conditions at the trailhead do not always reflect the conditions on the peaks! Variable trail and weather conditions are a hallmark of these mountains. BE CAREFUL AND BE PREPARED!

Being a Responsible Hiker: CRISIS at Barnum Road Trailhead

Once again thoughtless hikers have given the hiking community a "black eye". I received the e-mail below from residents at the end of Barnum Road which is a popular approach to the Blackhead Range. I forwarded the e-mail to Alex Bradley at the NYNJTC to get a reaction from the trail conference. It is hard for me to believe that people hiking from this trailhead could be so irresponsible and careless. If anyone had a comment one way or the other, please use the comment form to contact me.

We are the owners of the home at the end of Barnum Road in Maplecrest. There have been increasing issues of hikers parking in no parking areas on the snowplow turnaround or wandering onto private property. Hikers drive their cars off the end of the road into our culvert, requiring a tow truck. They ask us to drive them to town or to the other trailhead. They park late at night and walk into our yard. They come to the door and ask to use our bathroom. Their dogs run toward our kids and defecate on our property. While we love hiking, and have done our best to post directing signs toward the trailhead which is reachable past our driveway and across private property, we are not stewards of this trail. It is becoming unmanageable. There is parking for 3 cars along the road next to the sign pointing toward the trailhead. However it’s not designated in any way, and beyond that, there is no public parking at the end of that road. With 10-15 cars there on one of our beautiful weekend days it’s getting quite overwhelming over here!

I suggested that they call the local ranger and the State Police or County Sheriff and ask them to issue parking tickets. I suggest that all hikers act responsibly. If the three spots are filled, choose to go to the Big Hollow Parking area or to another trail to hike. Your desire to hike a trail from a specific trailhead should not inconvenience the local residents!

Friday: March 3rd: Round Top Snowshoe
Monday: March 5th: Round Top Maintenance
Saturday: March 10th: Frick Pond Snowshoe
Wednesday: March 14th: Round Top Figure 8s
Thursday: March 15th: Round Top Loops
Saturday: March 17th: Bear Spring
Tuesday: March 20th: Round Top Figure 8s
Wednesday: March 21st: Flynn and Big Rock Snowshoe
Friday: March 23rd: Balsam Lake Mt (Millbrook)
Monday: March 26th: Cabot Mountain (from Beech Hill Rd)
Saturday: March 31st: Quick Lake and Flynn Trails
Wednesday: April 4th: Round Top Figure 8s
Saturday: April 7th: Frick Pond Maintenance
Monday: April 9th: Round Top Maintenance
Wednesday: April 11th: Round Top Tree Party
Friday: April 13th: Long Pond Loop
Tuesday: April 17th: Round Top: Figure 8s
Friday: April 20th: Flynn and Big Rock Trails
Sunday: April 22nd: Flynn Trail Maintenance


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